At our core, we strive to improve women’s health education, training, care, and support for all. We hope to empower individuals and healthcare professionals alike to make informed decisions regarding their hormonal health, because we believe that everyone deserves access to increased, improved and quality health care.

Our Clinic: Expertise Beyond Compare

At The Menopause Consortium Clinic, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of women’s health care. Under the guidance of our Clinical Lead Director, Dr. Joanne Hobson, our specialists provide a holistic and individualised approach to menopause care.

Our diverse team includes:

  • Menopause Specialist Doctors
  • Gynaecologists
  • Physiotherapists for pelvic floor and musculoskeletal support
  • Psychotherapists to address emotional well-being
  • Dieticians for a comprehensive health perspective

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our collaborative team approach ensures that you receive the most well-rounded and effective care possible.

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Our Education Platform: Empowering Professionals and Corporates

Discover the ultimate learning experience with our hand-picked selection of webinars and seminars! Created by our exceptional team of experts, each event is an opportunity to deep dive into topics that matter most to you and your company. Gain insights, stay ahead, and stay current.

We understand that menopause care goes beyond individual experiences. That’s why we’re committed to educating healthcare professionals and corporate clients to foster an environment of understanding and support.

For Healthcare Professionals:

  • Train to Become a BMS Menopause Specialist.
  • e-Learning: Access comprehensive online modules to enhance your knowledge of menopause care designed for primary care
  • Interactive Webinars & Seminars for primary care, NHS training providers and trusts
  • Menopause Pods: Engage in interactive peer to peer review. (Only available on successful completion of the e-Learning course or attending a seminar or webinar)

For Corporate Clients:

  • Live and Online Seminars: Equip your team with the insights they need through our informative seminars led by Menopause Specialist Doctor.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Empower your employees with the knowledge required to support and make informed choices for themselves, their families, partners, friends and colleagues.
  • e-Learning introduction to menopause course, designed for individuals from all walks of life, this comprehensive course offers a unique opportunity to gain a professional qualification in the subject of Menopause.

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Empowering Your Menopause Journey

At The Menopause Consortium, we believe in empowering individuals to make informed choices about their health and well-being. With our cutting-edge clinic and transformative educational initiatives, we’re committed to revolutionising menopause care. Explore our comprehensive services and embrace this new chapter with confidence.

Discover personalised care and support to help you move through your health with confidence

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What’s been missing from your Menopause Health Care?

We are proud to provide relevant, evidenced based information to empower our customers to make the right choices for their health.

Here are some reviews from some of these amazing clients who are taking control of their Health.

  • Quote Mark

    Excellent, amusing, fantastic speaker - very engaging.

  • Quote Mark

    Dynamic speaker - I'd seen her before but didn't matter - Excellent!

  • Quote Mark

    High quality teaching as always. Thanks to everyone involved.

  • Quote Mark

    My consultation with Dr Hobson was amazing! I learned so much and she understood everything that was happening to my body.

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