Unlocking Excellence in Menopause Care: Personalised 1-2-1 Training with Dr. Joanne Hobson

Welcome to our exclusive 1-2-1 training sessions led by none other than our esteemed Clinical Lead Director, Dr. Joanne Hobson.

At The Menopause Consortium we are committed to providing comprehensive and specialised training in menopause care, and our personalized sessions with Dr. Hobson are designed to elevate your skills and expertise in this critical field.

Why Choose Our 1-2-1 Menopause Training Sessions?

Completing our e-Learning course is just the beginning of your journey towards becoming a confident and knowledgeable menopause care provider.

We understand that hands-on experience and personalized guidance are essential to truly excel in this area of healthcare. That’s why we offer the unique opportunity to engage in 1-2-1  Menopause training sessions with Dr. Joanne Hobson, a leading expert in menopause care.

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Meet Dr. Joanne Hobson: Your Mentor and Guide

With years of clinical experience and a passion for enhancing menopause care, Dr. Joanne Hobson brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As our Clinical Lead Director, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the content of our e-Learning course and is now dedicated to helping you refine your practical skills.

Dr. Hobson’s holistic approach to menopause care considers not only the medical aspects but also the psychological and emotional needs of patients. Her guidance will empower you to provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals during this phase of life.

What to Expect from Our 1-2-1 Training Sessions

Our personalised training sessions with Dr. Hobson are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Customised Curriculum: Dr. Hobson will assess your current skill level and understanding of menopause care. She will then address your areas of improvement, ensuring that your training experience is efficient and effective.

2. Hands-On Practice: Theory is important, but hands-on practice is invaluable. Dr. Hobson will guide you through practical scenarios, case studies, and simulations to help you develop your clinical skills and decision-making abilities.

3. Q&A and Discussion: Our 1-2-1 sessions are a platform for open dialogue. Feel free to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in meaningful discussions with Dr. Hobson. Benefit from her insights and real-world experiences.

4. Constructive Feedback: Dr. Hobson’s feedback is a valuable tool for your growth. Receive constructive critique on your approaches, techniques, and communication skills, and learn how to continually improve your patient interactions.

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How to Get Started

1. Complete our e-Learning Course: To qualify for our personalised 1-2-1 training sessions, ensure you have successfully completed our comprehensive e-Learning course. This will lay the foundation for your practical training.

2. Book Your Session: Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your 1-2-1 training session with Dr. Hobson.

3. Prepare for Excellence: Before your session, review the key concepts from the e-Learning course. Come prepared to engage, ask questions, and actively participate in the practical exercises.


Elevate Your Menopause Care Expertise

At The Menopause Consortium our mission is to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional menopause care.

With our 1-2-1 training sessions led by Dr. Joanne Hobson, you’ll gain the confidence, expertise, and insights necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of your patients. Take the next step in your professional journey and unlock excellence in menopause care.

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