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The Menopause Academy

Become a British Menopause Society Specialist at The Menopause Academy


Transform Menopause Care: Become a Specialist with The Menopause Academy

Menopause is a significant life transition for women, yet it’s a field that often lacks the specialised attention it deserves in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare professional, you may have encountered patients grappling with menopause and its myriad of symptoms without a clear pathway to the best care. Recognising this gap, The Menopause Academy presents a golden opportunity for medical professionals looking to focus their expertise on this crucial healthcare niche.


Why Specialise in Menopause Care?

Specialising in menopause care isn’t just about expanding your qualifications; it’s about addressing a pressing need. With an aging population and increasing life expectancies, the number of women requiring informed, empathetic, and tailored menopause management is growing rapidly. 


The BMS Menopause Specialist Training – Your Assurance of Excellence

Training to become a British Menopause Society (BMS) Menopause Specialist through The Menopause Academy ensures you receive a comprehensive education aligned with the highest standards of care.

Our dedication to empowering healthcare professionals with in-depth knowledge and practical tools to transform menopause care. When you choose to train with us, you’re not just signing up for another course – you’re beginning a journey to change lives. To start your transformative journey with The Menopause Academy, email us today at

Enrolment is ongoing, and spaces are limited to ensure personalised training experiences for all our students. Through The Menopause Academy’s specialised training programme, you’ll be able to deliver holistic and impactful care to women in this critical phase of their lives.

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