The Menopause Academy provides course and training for HCPs in primary care to HCPs who wish to become Accredited BMS Menopause Specialists.

If you have a keen interest in women’s health, particularly in the field of hormonal health, and aspire to advance your career with recognised accreditations, then The Menopause Consortium Academy is the answer. Dr. Hobson’s expertise and guidance will be your compass on this transformative journey.

Dr. Joanne Hobson

Dr. Joanne Hobson is committed to improving female healthcare. She is a passionate educator and speaker in Reproductive Health Care for medical & corporate conferences/webinars. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, University of London.

Menopause Specialist Academy Courses:
BMS Menopause Specialist training

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Whole Practice Approach to Menopause Care

Designed for Primary Care Networks where up to 10 members of the PCN access self paced. E-Learning course in basic menopause care.

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Individual Training for HCP’s, self paced

E-Learning course in basic menopause care.

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Menopause Pods

After completion of the E-Learning course, face to face group sessions with peer to peer review of your more complex cases. Register by emailing us.